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The Recovery Village Umatilla provides a safe, comfortable environment in which to seek recovery. The well-appointed facilities offer everything you need to heal body and mind.

  • Front view of The Recovery Village at Umatilla facility
  • Lounging area with 6 comfortable cushioned chairs.
  • interior view of residential living facility
  • Recreational outdoor basketball court
  • Outdoor recreational swimming pool surrounded by lounge chairs.
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Amenities & accommodations

Medical detox

Detox can be a difficult period for those beginning recovery. As part of our medical detox program, you will be supervised 24 hours a day by our trained medical staff to ensure your safety and manage withdrawal symptoms.

Residential treatment

In our residential treatment program, you are provided a room that affords you comfort and security, while enjoying around-the-clock access to our trained staff. Your care is designed to provide the support and resources you need as you pursue recovery.

Outpatient program

For those in good health who are dedicated to recovery, outpatient programs offer an opportunity to transition from acute levels of care. By participating in therapeutic programs at our facility but living off-site, patients are able to apply the healthy coping skills they’ve learned in recovery.

Co-occurring disorders

Mental health disorders are often seen in conjunction with substance dependence, and successful treatment requires addressing both. Throughout your recovery program, our caring staff will customize treatment to your mental, as well as physical, health.

Multidisciplinary approach

Treating addiction means treating the whole person, and that takes a team. Our trained staff from multiple disciplines works together to understand and address your unique needs. The range of experience available for your care ensures you have the resources you require for recovery.

Aftercare programs

The goal of treatment is to return you to a healthy, independent life. Our aftercare programs are designed to provide you the support you need to step out into the world. Ongoing care and resources allow you the tools you need to continue more autonomously in your recovery and avoid relapse.

Superior housing

Living facilities at The Recovery Village Umatilla are designed for comfort, as well as care. As part of your stay, you will enjoy the rest and relaxation needed to support your work toward recovery. Individual rooms are well-appointed with attractive furniture and decor.

Program amenities include a range of therapeutic rooms to facilitate counseling on both an individual and group basis.

Therapeutic amenities

A large part of recovery is developing healthy habits and coping skills for dealing with stress and other negative emotions. To support this, in addition to counseling activities, we offer you amenities for recreation, fitness, and relaxation.

We offer areas for walking and gym facilities where patients can participate in sports and physical recreation. Exercise equipment is also available to build strength and healthy routines.

There are also indoor and outside resources for those who enjoy meditation, yoga, and other mindful pursuits. Whatever your approach to recreation, The Recovery Village Umatilla can support your interests.

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