Family programs

One of the most valuable resources you can have in your recovery is the participation of your family and loved ones. Whether you’re mending relationships that have been strained by addiction or looking for a network of encouragement and support, the family programs at The Recovery Village Umatilla can help.

Healing together

Family participation is integrated into a number of our programs. By meeting staff and participating in counseling sessions, loved ones of those struggling with addiction become engaged in the recovery process. There are educational opportunities to help develop a better understanding of addiction and its contributing factors. It also allows friends and family members to develop the tools needed to best support your long-term sobriety.

We also offer family weekends. All family programs provide the opportunity for your friends, family, or loved ones to:

  • Meet with the person in recovery to work on strengthening relationships and emotional support.
  • Interact with our trained staff and learn about the care provided by the Recovery Village Umatilla team.
  • Take part in counseling sessions where everyone can learn healthy coping skills in both group and private environments.

As you progress through your treatment into long-term recovery plans, your family will be equipped with the tools and education to best assist you. The goal is to ensure that wherever you are, you have a caring support structure with the resources you need to help you be successful.

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